Carry on Caleb

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Read Joshua 14:6-15

We read in the preceding chapters that Israel conquers the northern portion of the land and begins the process of divvying up the land among the tribes. The land is divided by lot in order to place completely in God’s hands the decision about which tribe ends up settling where (Josh 14:2).

However, the very first person who comes before Joshua is one who ask for a specific tract of land and is in fact a familiar face: Caleb. Caleb and Joshua were the two spies who had encouraged Moses and the people to trust God by conquering the Promised Land 45 years earlier. This faithful warrior boldly asks Joshua for the same ground that he had been promised all those years before. This region, based around the city of Hebron, had historically been the home of the Anakim, a race of gigantic warriors. But that didn’t faze Caleb at all. And neither did the fact that was he was by now an older man (85). He is not afraid to keep fighting for what God has promised Him and his family.

Caleb declares in verse 9 how he “wholly followed the Lord” when he spied out the land. He continued to be a faithful believer throughout the decades in the wilderness (which he and the people would not have endured if they had listened to him in the first place). Caleb is truly an example of a tested follower who is determined to finish the race well.

1) Who are people that you admire because they have persevered and remain vibrant in faith even in advanced years? Why do you think have they remained strong while others have given up or cooled in faith?

2) Looking at Caleb’s example in this passage, how can we remain steadfast in our faith when the promise of God seems so distant? Or when we suffer because of the decisions of others?

3) When others might have sought an easier retirement, Caleb was still ready to fight giants at 85. How can we be as bold and brave as age?



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