What is your denomination like?

The Evangelical Presbyerian Church is a group of around 200 churches who hold to biblically-based standards while allowing freedom in areas considered non-essential. For more imformation on the EPC or what constitutes an essential, go to www.epc.org.

How do people dress on Sundays?

The dress reflects our community, which means that most people dress casually. But the important thing to feel comfortable – so whether that means coat and tie, shirt and slacks, or jeans, please feel free.

What is your Sunday service like?

Our weekly service consists of several segments. The first is a service of praise. We worship the Lord in song. We pray and often share the Lord’s supper together. The message is relatively brief. Because we believe that it is good for families to worship together, we anticipate children aged 6 and up can understand and participate in all that goes on. We believe that it is a good thing for families to worship together while at the same time appreciating that it is difficult for very young ones to sit still for extended periods. We sing both hymns and contemporary songs. We incorporate a number of more traditional elements in our service (the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed, frequently taking communion, etc.). While the Bible is our only infallible standard, we think it is good to use such elements to affirm that we stand as part of what God has been doing for centuries.