Giving Up Disobedience

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Starting tomorrow, on Ash Wednesday, I will begin to mix my metaphors by taking a leap of faith in order to kill a small flock of birds with one stone. (I’ve never actually killed a bird with a stone or anything else and, if I ever did, would probably feel as guilty as Opie did on the Andy Griffith show when he bagged one with a slingshot.)

The birds in question are 1) blogging more regularly – something I’ve wanted to try and been encouraged to do for a long time, 2) getting my part of my basement office under control and, 3) making headway on some inconsistent personal disciplines. The common dna for these particular birds is that I’ve sensed that God wants me to do something in these areas of my life and my follow through has been hit-or-miss for too long. In and of themselves, they may not be earth shattering issues but they are big for me since I believe God wants me to do something different than I’ve been doing.

The stone I am going to use is this forum of public journaling about this journey. I don’t know if anyone will read this, other than my children, but it doesn’t much matter because this is really about God and me. I feel stuck in these areas and I’m wondering if writing about it and posting my thoughts publicly will give me a push in the right direction. If anyone finds any benefit or even perverse joy in joining me in this journey, you are welcome.

I will try to write during most of the forty days of Lent (I’ll aim for 30 entries ). This seems like a realistic and attainable goal than pledging to blog forevermore. The writings will be somewhat personal and quite varied. Some will be detailing my struggle and progress with the aforementioned “birds”. Some will be my personal reflections on the Scripture and the Lord. And some may be random thoughts.

My goal here is to walk in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. I long for everything in my life, large and small, to honor Him.


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